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Christophe Dabi

Golden Suspenses in Sofitel Luxembourg

More than 20 Suspense wood mobiles especially made for an Hotel in Luxembourg with Led light ! Sofitel "Grand Ducal", Luxembourg ...

Bookshelve made to measure in Paris

Bookshelve made to measure in Paris 16th district make by Dabi Design team, from conception to realization

Big Hypno[Z]

After many hours in our workshop, here it is! A huge Hypno[Z], especially made for this beautiful hallway, Paris 8th district! ...

[Nuages] at “L’essentiel” in Deauville, France

Installation of many Nuages (clouds) in a beautiful restaurant in Deauville, France L'essentiel, Deauville

Big Hypno[Z]

A giant Hypno[Z] under construction in our workshop at the heart of Paris!

Suspense in the 9th district of Paris

New installation of our wood mobile Suspense in a superb flat, Paris 9

Suspense in a castle

You can find this huge Suspense at Grotteaux's castle, a slendid guest house in the middle of the Châteaux of the Loire Valley, ...

Opening of Durand Dupont with a big Suspens

Big suspenses (3 meter large) for a great restaurant in Neuilly, “Durand Dupont” http://www.duranddupont.com/fr...

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