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Christophe Dabi

Website under construction

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to meet you soon.

New lamp “Fossile”

New lamp "Fossile" with an old oak trunk, perfect combinaison between nature and design.

Dabi Design team

Christophe Dabi, creator of Dabi Design, craftsman/designer and Marine Davaine, craftswoman

Dabi Design in New York!

Come see us at ICFF, the high end luxury furniture fair, at Jacob K. Javits convention center in New York!...

Made in France fair

You can find some of our products in this fair 100% Made in France! November 10-12th at the exbibition parc, Versailles gate....

XXL Bookcase

A 15 meter long suspended bookcase in a huge hallway! Lightness effect guaranteed!

Opening of Durand Dupont with a big Suspens

Big suspenses (3 meter large) for a great restaurant in Neuilly, “Durand Dupont” http://www.duranddupont.com/fr...

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