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Christophe Dabi

Christophe Dabi - Lighting Designer

  • Profile

    As a child, Christophe loved finding the most beautiful stone in the garden, a piece of wood like none other, old tools forgotten in the back of the workshop … Then, he traveled a lot, studied and experimented with all kinds of inventions.  As a trained Engineer in ‘Arts et Métiers’, Christophe Dabi has always created and produced his very own furniture and luminaires for his own pleasure.

    In 2010, at the age of 35, he decided to dedicate his time and energy to this passion and to perfecting his technic, as well as to the conception of his ideas, in the aim to commercialize them.  From here, we see a personal style which is quite eclectic and clever where he plays with free-forms and raw material. So it’s not surprising that he has a strong preference for wood, which is a living material where he can explore the texture and the way light falls on its surface.

  • Local Creation

    The lights, or luminaires, that I present to you are unique pieces or part of a limited series made from the finest material.  To choose them is to enter into a world of exceptional quality and the quest for extraordinary pieces.

    It also supports a special craft that promotes quality, creations that are handmade, personalized customer relationship and an eco-responsible production.

    For that reason, I give great importance in selecting hardwood from well managed and plantation-grown forest, in subcontracting to local businesses, in using products which are wholly natural and in minimizing pollution.

    The Polynesian black mother-of-pearl symbol found on each luminaire is a signature and proof of this constant search for quality « à la française ».

    It’s my conviction, my commitment.

  • Customisation

    Starting from a blank page is the first rule. The first stage consists of listening and discussing which allows me to better discern your needs, your taste and also your constraints. A summary of these points will be presented to you as a first proposal which will help in defining the contours of the project. With your commitment and participation, I will submit different proposals and from there, I will come up with a final design that fits your needs perfectly. The use of diagrams, sketches and computer simulations will permit you to visualize the end result and thus, be sure of your choice (dimensions, forms, materials, colours, etc.) This way, you will totally be involved in its creation, which we call a personalized customization and it will be delivered and assembled in your home

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