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Christophe Dabi


From 1400 €

How does one fuse the elegance of a mobile with the creation of a luminaire. “Suspense” is the fruit of this bold and daring combination. Inspired by well known Alexander Calder mobiles, with extreme lightness, this ceiling light appears to float in the air, giving off a soft illumination as it drifts with the air current – sheer poetry in motion.

Available in 2 dimensions

more details

Tinted solid Pine

Dimensions (cm)

S150 : 150 x 50
S200 : 200 x 50

S150 : 150 x 50, Ideal for a room under 15m² (ceiling height 250 cm minimum)
S200 : 200 x 60 Ideal for a room over 15m² (ceiling height 270 cm minimum)

If you have a doubt about the size, please contact us.

Lamps (220V – E27)
Halogens : 3x40W or LED 3x5W


Light shape
Nuages (fireproff paper made of fiberglass), 3 different sizes, supplied with the mobile.

Nuages can be sol separately

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