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Christophe Dabi


From 1800 euros

How does one fuse the elegance of a mobile with the creation of a luminaire. “Suspense” is the fruit of this bold and daring combination. Inspired by well known Alexander Calder mobiles, with extreme lightness, this ceiling light appears to float in the air, giving off a soft illumination as it drifts with the air current – sheer poetry in motion.

We offer a large choice of customization for your Suspense to meet exactly your desires : shades, wood species, brass details, dimensions and shape of lampshades, fabrics, cables...

Find the main customization options in the "Customization details" section

more details

The Suspense mobile is available on the online store only in Standard version : Wengé or black slats, and Selection lampshade (white percale, white satin, champagne).

If you wish to personalize your lighting, we invite you to contact us or fill out the custom form. We will be happy to respond to your inquiry.

Tinted solid Pine

Dimensions (cm)

S150 : 150 x 50
S200 : 200 x 50

S150 : 150 x 50, Ideal for a room under 15m² (ceiling height 250 cm minimum)
S200 : 200 x 60 Ideal for a room over 15m² (ceiling height 270 cm minimum)

If you have a doubt about the size, please contact us.

Lamps (220V – E27)
Halogens : 3x40W or LED 3x5W


Light shape

Cylinders with bottom or double cylinders supplied

average delivery time

Standard : 4 weeks
Custum : 6 to 8 weeks

Ask for quotation

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